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Our body is a brilliant, well-oiled machine, working hard to ensure our food is digested properly, and appropriate nutrients are dispersed. A major catalyst for many important chemical reactions in the body is a group of molecules called digestive enzymes.

We ingest digestive enzymes through uncooked foods like raw fruit and vegetables. Without them, the body has to rely on its own digestive enzymes, which can put our body through a significant amount of stress. More importantly, the pancreas produces less and less digestive enzymes over the years, which is why it is so crucial ingest them as we get older.

For those of you unsure of the role enzymes play in the body, they are energized molecules that help us to digest our food, feed our brains, and assist with cell regeneration. Essentially our digestive enzymes are important for the break down and absorption of nutrients in the body. When we over cook or over heat our food at certain temperatures, digestive enzymes are destroyed, ultimately taking away from their longevity in our bodies. This also compromises our immune system because it lowers your resistance to illness, ultimately decreasing your life span.

Having a vitamin rich diet consisting of raw fruits and veggies is absolutely vital for a healthy digestive system. Keep your cooked foods to a minimum. Why make your body work so hard? It is on your side, after all. Keep it running strong!




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